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Véronique Riondel Angebault Interview

Véronique Riondel Angebault, Deputy Head of Independent Asset Managers at Banque SYZ   J’ai grandi au sein d’une famille de scientifiques nomades – Angleterre, États-Unis, Mexique et Venezuela –  après mes études à Genève, j’ai commencé à travailler à Zurich. J’ai eu trois périodes professionnelles, d’abord dans la communication globale et stratégique (Paris et Genève), […]

Gaëlle Tanniou Interview

Gaëlle Tanniou, Trainer, Training Manager et Coach Je suis une génération de femme active qui a eu un modèle de parents travaillant tous les deux, à temps plein, toute leur carrière. Des role models qui m’ont permis de me construire et de ne jamais douter du rôle de la femme dans la société. J’ai fait […]

Catherine Charbonnier Interview

Catherine Charbonnier, Experte en Intelligence Artificielle La vie est faite de navigations imprévues. Rien ne prédestinait Catherine à revenir à Genève, plus exactement Carouge, la ville de son arrière-arrière-grand-père. En 1997 son doctorat en Robotique et ses études postdoctorales à ETH Zurich lui ouvrent les portes du CERN. Elle s’installe en Suisse pour rejoindre le […]

Ellen Kocher Interview

Ellen Kocher, Economist and Accredited Workplace Wellness Consultant I am an Economist and Accredited Workplace Wellness Consultant. I hold a Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching (Nutrition and Corporate Health), ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Health Coach and licensed Mindful Eating Coach. Educated in the United States and in Switzerland for over 30 […]

Lisa Parenti Interview

Who is Lisa Parenti in three words? A passionate Graphic Designer. What would you do differently if you could travel back in time? Go to an Acting School, learn about Business and Administration before starting my company, learn Spanish! But then again, I would probably not be the person I am if I had done […]

Monica Marinucci Interview

Monica Marinucci, Customer Success Lead, Microsoft A mathematician by training, an IT expert first and then an international manager in a large corporation by career evolution, Monica always worked in multicultural environments where she developed strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build up teams and initiatives in cutting edge and innovative markets. Monica joined […]

Kathryne Bonvin Interview

Kathryne guides and helps lead individuals, at a professional cross-road, to success and personal satisfaction when it comes to identifying their personal potential and mapping out their future professional move

Federica Stoppa Interview

Federica Stoppa, Global Sourcing Program Leader, DuPont Federica Stoppa is currently Global Sourcing Program Leader at DuPont International Operations. In this role, Federica leads transformational programs in the Procurement function, like Supplier Relations Management. She has working experience across several industries: textiles, home & personal care, sports equipment, medical devices, food ingredients and chemicals. In +20 […]

Valentina Gizzi Interview

Valentina Gizzi, Global Product Director, DuPont Nutrition & Health Valentina Gizzi currently manages a global business with DuPont Nutrition & Health division, she owns the P&L and the long term growth strategy of a strategic food ingredient. Her working experience spans over 15 years, in roles of increasing responsibility in R&D, Marketing & Sales and […]

Elsa Ferreira Interview

Elsa Ferreira, Project manager, IHEID/ BCC Elsa Ferreira works for a Swiss-government funded program, hosted by the Graduate Institute in Geneva, that is working towards strengthening central banks in developing countries. Prior to this, for 5 years, she advised private clients at UBS Wealth Management in Geneva. Elsa also coordinated a project with the Asia-Europe […]

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