Christelle Patriarca Interview

Christelle Patriarca, Data governance expert & Master coach

Christelle is a freelance Data Governance expert at Data Is Life Consulting where she advises companies on how to build a solid data governance framework. She is active across industries, and currently in Pharma and Energy. She is also a certified professional coach.

Born and raised in the Geneva area with Swiss-French nationality, Christelle is a genuine product of the region, whose family roots are as diverse as Zürich, Paris, Milan but also go back to Voltaire’s time in Geneva!

After studying Business Management at KEDGE in France and Germany, Christelle started her career in Paris where she worked at LVMH for 11 years in Supply Chain Management in the Fashion & Accessories division with LOUIS VUITTON and CELINE.

Christelle then returned to Geneva where she joined the Bacardi group and was with them for 5 years in the field of Data management. Afterwards, She joined Nestlé Skin Health for 5 years and was in charge of Global Master Data management.

A mother of 3 children, she is also a soprano in a choir, and shares her cooking passion on her blog called

Christelle’s life path would not have been possible without the role models and advisors she met at CWF : joining the Committee is a way for her to contribute and help more women find their true path to success.

Who are you in 3 words?
Fast learner, Enthusiastic, Efficient

What would you do differently if you could travel back in time?
I would keep most of what I did for sure ! Maybe I would have followed my intuition more and read more books in relation to my personal interests, disregarding any clear purpose !

What advice would you give to the next generation of women entering the job market?
To follow their intuition and choose their roles to learn and grow, if you don’t feel it, don’t do it ! To Build their career around themselves genuinely, and not according to external signs or influences !

Do you have a particular skill?
I have the talent to learn fast whatever is of my interest, then understand it in depth to be able to finally simplify, explain and use those learnings.

Which skill(s) would you like to possess?
I wish I could be able to communicate even better to influence more : I am working on it 😉

What is your perception about the benefits of networking?
Networking is one of the most powerful tool at our disposal to learn and grow : it helps us by getting more insight on companies, how business are working, learn other potential roles, and among all build new and constructive relationships!

Which hobby should we try or practice – and why?
Follow your intuition to find your own nurturing hobbies! Mine are yoga, walking in nature and cooking, all 3 allow me to reach mindfulness, and get rid of stress…

What do you suggest to change/improve at the CWF?
I wish the CWF could extend their influence and help younger professional women, because a career starts with a first job and a series of choices, and it is better when you can talk to more experienced women to do it wisely. We could extend mentoring for example, or reach out to other women’s’ club, let’s be creative to help each other!

What are the opportunities and challenges for the CWF?
As most of organisation, the future we are facing today has never been as uncertain as before: the CWF must become a platform to enable our future to be bright, and to balance environmental aspects with economics – it is everyone’s duty to influence the world in that perspective. Good news, it looks like women are good at this ! Let’s make this new world become a reality 😉

A final message?
It is time for women to find their own genuine place: the world needs it ! At CWF we will contribute to leverage women’s power!

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