Meet role models

Meet and learn from outstanding senior executives!  Our networking lunches, conferences and festive events are ideal opportunities.

Lunches Monthly networking and conference lunches with inspirational speakers
Women on Boards Training and information platform open to women and men interested in learning more on the key skill need to serve a board of directors
WAVE Conference Annual evening conference gathering more than 200 participants on average, with individual presentations and a panel debate around socio-political or industrial trends, critical to the professional advancement of women
Partner Events Joint luncheons, workshops and panel events with CWF partners on themes critical to advancing professional women
Corporate Member Events Program covers:  a) quarterly Corporate Breakfasts, including company visits,  presentations  and activities and/or Diversity & Inclusion programs, with cross-company networking opportunities, and b) yearly Cross-Company Mentoring Program where CWF corporate members support each other in developing their talents
Mentoring Mentoring programs to advance member’s personal and professional development

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