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Unique opportunities for unique women talents.

Individual Membership

Access multiple opportunities

  1. establish your personal positioning and career plan
  2. learn new skills and widen your knowledge
  3. expand your network for support, partnerships or prospects
  4. share experience and further develop through mentoring
  5. contribute to the evolution of women’s positioning and recognition at work

Admission criteria

  • Occupy a remunerated position of responsibility in any economic sector: management level, head of a company/business owner or independent professional
  • Share and adhere to CWF objectives, mission and spirit
  • Be sponsored by 2 current CWF members or join under our Corporate Membership program.


Discover CWF

Would you like to learn more about the CWF before applying for membership? Participate in up to 3 events that are specified open to non-members.

Ready to join?

Send us your application form with your latest CV and indication of 2 active CWF members supporting your admission. You will be notified within maximum 1 month in writing of the CWF Committee’s decision.

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