Women on Boards (WOB)

Unlock the boardroom door

Women on Boards is a training and information platform, open to women and men interested in learning more about the key skills needed to serve a board of directors . Whether it’s at infoshops, workshops, conferences or breakfast meetings, there are plenty of opportunities to

  1. map your skills and competencies
  2. identify gaps and how to bridge them
  3. build your competencies through selected workshops
  4. receive guidance from active board member

Key competencies to help access boards

  • Strategy:  Management Consulting, Business Development, Performance Management
  • Governance:  Controlling, Human Resources Management, Organizational Structure implementation, Decision Making Tools and Processes
  • Finance:  Auditing, Tax, P&L responsibilities, Payroll, Treasury
  • Compliance:  Legal Counsel, Risk Management, Corporate Ethics & Compliance management, Intellectual Property management
  • Public Affairs: Public Relations, Government Relations, Investor Relations, Media Relations, Crisis Communication, Change Communication, Lobbying
  • Business Communications: Publicity, Advertising, Promotion, Social and Digital Media

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