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We are the CWF

Meet our members

“The success of CWF requires the active participation of its members.”

Annabella Cardone

Member since 2012, President

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IBM - Investment Manager and Resiliency Services CFO -Europe

“Participer au programme de mentoring du CWF est une réelle opportunité: Soyez nombreuses à la saisir!”

Anne Dafflon Novelle

Member since 2008, Vice-President

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Le Grand Clos - Project Manager

“CWF provides women great opportunities to share, learn from each other and grow together.”

Audrey Thomas

Member since 2013 - Committe Member

Lexmark - Enterprise Business and Contracts Director, EMEA

“Being part of the CWF helps you to develop professional opportunities, share knowledge and support and create new friendships.”   Who is Lisa Parenti in three words? A passionate Graphic Designer. What would you do differently if you could travel back in time? Go to an Acting School, learn about Business and Administration before starting […]

Lisa Parenti

Member since 1997, Past President

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Parenti Design - Founder and Managing Director

“Networking is a skill to be nurtured throughout your life – not only when you need help! One needs to give before one can hope to receive”

Eva Von Rohr

Member since 1984, Past President

Von Rohr & Associates SA - Managing Director and Founding Partner

“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.” Swahili proverb

Kathryne Bonvin-Bercel

Member since 2008, Committee member

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Von Rohr & Associates - Senior Career Management Consultant

“Every event stimulates our thinking, and we meet fantastic people each time.”

Valentina Gizzi

Member since 2011, Past President

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DuPont Nutrition & Health - Global Product Director

“The benefit of networking is the opportunity to open up your mind to alternatives in every aspect of life. It offers a chance to develop yourself and to help others by sharing.”

Monica Marinucci

Member since 2008 / Past Committee Member

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Oracle - Cloud Customer Success Director - Europe, Middle East and Africa

“Being independent requires a solid state of mind to handle insecurities, and a strong supportive network.”

Anne Deschamps

Founding member and first President, Member since 1982

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AD Courtage immobilier - Managing Director

“Le CWF m’a ouvert les yeux: les femmes doivent saisir les opportunités et oser « entrer dans la lumière »! Yes, we can! Yes, I can! “

Hertha Baumann

Member since 2005, Past committee member

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Banque Reyl & Cie Ltd - Head of Communications

“To become an entrepreneur you need to find your passion and your strengths, then to focus your energies onto the right fields.”

Jarina Hasi

Member since 2009, Past committee member

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Active Languages - Partner and Managing Director

“The CWF offers an exciting diverse network and a window on the local community.”

Federica Stoppa

Member since 2014, Committee member

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DuPont - Global Sourcing Program Leader

“Whenever I attend a CWF event, I leave with a smile, enthusiastic and energized.”

Esther Casas

Member since 2006, Past committee member

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IMI Hydronic Engineering - General Counsel, Head of Legal and Compliance

“Exchanging with others means benefiting from their views, ideas, and knowledge. It’s a simple way to make our inner world wider”

Elsa Ferreira

Member since 2013, Committee member

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IHEID/ BCC - Project Manager

“Dans le cadre du CWF, j’ai la chance de travailler aux côtés de femmes généreuses et intéressantes, sur des projets très variés”

Marianne Zutter

Member since 1997, Secrétaire du Career Women’s Forum

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CWF - Secrétaire

“CWF offers a fantastic pool of professional women, with a huge variety of expertise and international backgrounds.”

Anne Hornung-Soukup

Member since 1984, Past President

Bruellan SA, Partner - TPG, Chair of Board

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