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Lisa Parenti Interview

Who is Lisa Parenti in three words?

A passionate Graphic Designer.

What would you do differently if you could travel back in time?
Go to an Acting School, learn about Business and Administration before starting my company, learn Spanish! But then again, I would probably not be the person I am if I had done all that.

What advice do you give to a new generation of women entering the job market?
Follow your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life. (Confucius).

Which skill(s) would you like to possess?
The power of speech! To persuade, to negotiate and to promote ideas, for this is the ultimate communication skill for any situation.

Do you have a particular skill?

Fortunately, I have mastered the skill of creativity in visual arts – probably to overcome the less mastered skill of speech…

What is your perception about the benefits of networking?
It helps you discover other ways of living and opens opportunities for new relationships.

Which hobby should we try or practice – and why?
Hobbies are a way to stay active and curious beyond family chores or business related activities. Any hobby that helps escape from daily routines is a fabulous way to regain energy or spirit!

What do you suggest to change and or improve at the CWF?
During my period on the CWF com- mittee and then as a President, I was persuaded that there were a million activities the Forum should offer. Some initiatives I/we promoted are still on the agenda and I know how much effort each activity requires. But in the end, I feel that the real added value of the CWF is in developing new networking opportunities as a means to innovate and attract women of diverse back- grounds.

What are the opportunities and challenges for the CWF?
Get members involved with a young- er crowd by creating events that will appeal to new generations and stim- ulate senior members to keeping updated with changing times.

A final message?

Being part of the CWF is like being part of a family. In these 20 years, I have developed friendships, working opportunities and women’s knowledge in many fields. The one I prefer is: “Don’t forget to smile!”.

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