Special Interview of Dr Navi Pillay for the International Women’s Rights Day

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Dr Navi Pillay – Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

40 years – 40 women * Theme: Solidarity

Dear Members,

To culminate our year-long #40years-40women CWF project, we wanted to give it our best shot.

Hence, today, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, we are delighted to share with you the remarkable and inspiring interview we had the privilege to having with Dr Navi Pillay, one of the world’s preeminent Judge and the former United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights.

While she is one of the most important champions for Human Rights globally, a trailblazer, a woman who broke every boundary and dedicated her career to addressing the challenges of defending Human Rights, Dr Navi Pillay genuinely shares with us her successful path as a mother, daughter, wife, woman leader and also gives us her thoughts about Solidarity.

You will be stunned to find out how a young girl from a poor community boxed her way to becoming South Africa’s first black female High Court Judge and eventually the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (2008-2014).

We would like to thank again Dr Navi Pillay for her valuable contribution to our project 40 years – 40 women’s, for her fascinating testimony and her precious advices. She will definitely stay for ever a Role Model, a wonderful example of talent, resilience, optimism and high human values.

With the gratitude of the Career Women’s Forum

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