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A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it.
A mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do.

Simon Sinek

Matching high-potential women with senior executive mentors

Mentoring is one of the most efficient activities for the individual’s personal and professional growth.

privileged relationship develops between the Mentee and Mentor, usually a person with broad experience in an area the Mentee would like to develop in.  The Mentor brings a new perspective to the Mentee and provides her with a base to her reflections, to reach her specific development goals.

Development goals

  • The Mentee aspires to the same kind of professional role as the Mentor
  • The Mentee would like to expand specific skills for her career advancement: self-confidence, financial mastery, leadership, etc.
  • The Mentee would like to expand her network in a specific area the Mentor is well introduced in


Mentoring offer

Backed by long-term experience, CWF offers its members mentoring programs matching high-potential women with senior/executive mentors to help foster development and growth.

  Mentor Mentee Duration Timeline Deadline to register Link to submit your application
1. Individual Mentoring Program CWF member CWF member 9 months April – December  March 1st Individual Mentoring Program Form
2.  Cross-Company Mentoring Program Senior leader from another Corporate Sponsor (man or woman) Women from the Corporate Sponsor 9 months April – December (Meet at least 6 times)  March 1st Cross Company Mentoring Program Form

Note: Members can participate to only one program per year.

Interested? Contact us for more details  or complete the registration form:
Individual Mentoring Program Form 
Cross-Company Mentoring Program Form
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