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40 years, 40 women : Interviews

The Career Women’s Forum celebrates its 40th anniversary by showcasing 40 inspiring, innovative, and committed women. Throughout 2022 we are publishing a series of interviews in which these women share their experience and reflections. The interviews are presented under 4 themes, representing key CWF values: Generations, Trajectories, Entrepreneurship and Solidarity.

A great source of inspiration!

Le Career Women’s Forum célèbre son 40e anniversaire en mettant en avant 40 femmes inspirantes, innovantes et engagées. Tout au long de l’année 2022, nous publions une série d’interviews dans lesquelles ces femmes partagent leur expériences et leurs réflexions. Les interviews sont présentées sous 4 thèmes, représentant des valeurs clés du CWF : Générations, Trajectoires, Entrepreneuriat et Solidarité.

Faites le plein d’inspiration !

Dina Ionesco

40 years – 40 women * Solidarity

Watch the video of Dina Ionesco, Migration Specialist at United Nation Climate Convention – Co-Director of MAMCE at Webster University
“Solidarity can be compared to the blood in our body: it is fluid, flexible, connecting, and without this connectivity, humanity cannot stand and stay alive”

Paola Möhl Pignatelli

40 ans – 40 femmes * Solidarité

Lire l’interview de Paola Möhl Pignatelli, Directrice de la Fondation « Planète Enfants Malades »

Ma mission ? Fédérer des gens d’horizons complètements différents autour d’une cause commune.

Dr Mara Catherine Harvey

40 years – 40 women * Trajectories

Watch the video interview of Dr Mara Catherine Harvey – Senior Leader, Speaker, Author – CEO & Founder of SmartWayToStart.com

“In my mind, trajectory has nothing to do with a straight line, it is a chaotic path, but it is the beauty of it”

Diane Barbier-Mueller

40 ans – 40 femmes * Trajectoires

Regarder la vidéo de Diane Barbier-Mueller – Administratrice Pilet & Renaud – Députée au Grand-Conseil de Genève

“Le conseil qu’elle donnerait: se faire confiance et savoir que plus on fait de choses, plus on a de temps!”

Hajar El-Haddaoui

40 ans – 40 femmes * Trajectoires

Regarder la vidéo de Hajar El-Haddaoui, Senior Director Switzerland NTT Ldt

“Le mot “trajectoire” ne représente pas seulement un parcours universitaire et professionnel, mais aussi un travail intense de réflexion avec soi-même pour savoir ce que l’on veut atteindre.”

Melissa Davies

Read the interview of Melissa Davies, Negotiation specialist and Solution Focused coach, Founder of negoservices
Theme: Solidarity

“I believe the need for Solidarity has always existed and will always exist.”

Fanny Gendron

40 ans – 40 femmes * Trajectoires

Regarder la vidéo de Fanny Gendron, Senior Vice-president Biofuels and Bio feedstocks chez TotalEnergies

Anna Bory

40 ans – 40 femmes * Entrepreneuriat

Regarder la vidéo -Anna Bory, co-fondatrice de Miloo – Forum des 100-2022

Sister Lucy Kurien

40 years – 40 women * Solidarity

Read the interview of Sister Lucy Kurien – Director and Founder of the Maher Association

“I am a too small person to give a message yet ,but my gut feeling is that Solidarity is the keyword for a time like the one we live in. Women should keep going with courage and believe in the transforming power they have!”

Yvonne Bettkober

40 years – 40 women * Trajectories

Watch the video interview of Yvonne Bettkober – General Manager Switzerland and Austria at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“I am suspicious about trajectories: having a career is about growth, as a professional and as a human being. We need to have a vision, but we also need to welcome the roads less travelled; it is where we learn more.”

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