Dr Mara Catherine Harvey


Dr Mara Catherine Harvey – CEO and Founder of SmartWayToStart.com & Financial Parenting World

40 years – 40 women * Theme: Solidarity

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey is an economist by background (Dr. Rer. Pol. Summa Cum Laude), she is a senior leader in Finance, trained at Harvard and IMD. She has over 21 years experience in wealth management, working with billionaire families across Europe, and driving social & digital innovation across the financial industry on a global scale.

Her journey in finance led her to found SmartWayToStart.com as she was pioneering new ways to help all parents be their children’s best Money Role Models. Today, Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey is also an active advocate for female economic empowerment and equality. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and corporations around the world.

To find out more about this amazing personality, watch her full interview below.



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