Pamela Amallo-Elotu

Pamella Amallo-Elotu – Ethics and Compliance Officer, Corteva.

We are delighted to share another profile with you today – Pamella Amallo-Elotu – Ethics and Compliance Officer, Corteva.

This shining personality has a background in law and worked for several years as a trademark manager for large companies before accepting the new challenge in the Ethics and Compliance department of Corteva in January 2018. She describes the ingredients of her success as related to several factors such as her multicultural, multilingual and multinational sides that shaped her into the woman she is today.

If she could have done things differently, she would have tried less to fit into a certain mould and allowed herself to be who she really is sooner. Her best advice would also be for women to seek help, ask for help and accept help…rather than putting constant pressure on ourselves to do everything by ourselves as we need to understand that accepting help is also part of the ingredients for success.

“We need to get to equity. There are still so many obstacles in our way but slowly step by step we are getting there”

To find out more about Pamella Amallo-Elotu, watch her full interview below.

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