9th WAVE Conference: Reinvent yourself. Innovate your Career!

The increasing Impermanence of Work requires you to Change. Are you ready?

Today more than ever before, working life is impermanent. Change is imposed upon us – unemployment, mergers, acquisitions, physical rupture, artificial intelligence – other times we embrace radically new career shifts, following our hearts and taking control of our work lives. Why? Which are the main drivers of career changes? Which are the challenges and opportunities? Are you ready to plan your career differently, or, a variety of careers?

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8th WAVE Conference: What is the Future of Jobs? Which Jobs have a future?

Challenges and opportunities in the digital revolution Artificial intelligence has reached new frontiers with machines now surpassing humans in activities that require creativity and intuition. As a result, half of today’s jobs could potentially be automated. How can we prepare for this quick technological revolution? Which jobs will stay and which new ones will be […]

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