Federica Stoppa Interview

Federica Stoppa, Global Sourcing Program Leader, DuPont

Federica Stoppa is currently Global Sourcing Program Leader at DuPont International Operations. In this role, Federica leads transformational programs in the Procurement function, like Supplier Relations Management. She has working experience across several industries: textiles, home & personal care, sports equipment, medical devices, food ingredients and chemicals. In +20 years, Federica has managed business roles in full value-chains, roles as technical marketing/sales, pull thought/value selling, application development, and procurement.

She has lived in Italy, the UK, Switzerland and the United States. She holds a MSc in Chemistry, a Cosmetic Science Diploma and an MBA with honors in Business Analytics. A native of Italy and a Swiss national, Federica is married and has two teenage children.


Who is Federica Stoppa in three words?

A connector and a generalizing specialist.

What would you do differently if you could travel back in time?

I wished I stayed longer at university to do a Ph.D. in cosmetic science.

What advice do you give to a new generation of women entering the job market?

Follow your interests and never compromise your inner self.

Which skill(s) would you like to possess?

I would like to have a fluid communication to exchange ideas and converse with stakeholders at all levels.

Do you have a particular skill?

I think I am a good connector: I like working at boundaries between functions and businesses, as I can easily ‘connect the dots’.

What is your perception of the benefits of networking?

Networking is a key skill that should be nurtured from very early on in one’s professional career.

Which hobby should we try or practice – and why? (or which book should we read?)

No matter what hobbies you like, make time for them regularly! It is important to make space for them in our busy life, as they help reenergize our body and spirit.

What do you suggest to change and or improve at the CWF?

I am very honored to have received a lot of support from the CWF network. It would be great if the CWF members could also ‘give back’, by being more involved in the community and supporting younger women that are not yet members.

What are the opportunities and challenges for the CWF?

The key challenge I see is to be able to maintain a balanced offering that satisfies such a broad spectrum of members.

A final message?

The CWF offers not only an exciting diverse network but also a window into the local community. It has been a great escape from the challenging times at work!


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