Anne Hornung-Soukup

40 years– 40 women│ #Generations

Anne grew up in the Chicago area, then studied in South Africa, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Paris and Geneva before settling in Geneva.

Since July 2016, Anne Hornung-Soukup has held the position of Chair of the Board of the tpg transports publics genevois, and is passionate about new urbanism and the role of public transportation in solving the important and urgent issues of climate change, public health as well as the essential part it has to play in creating efficient mobility for a thriving regional economy.

Over the years, Anne Hornung-Soukup has presided, been on the board of, or been active in many Geneva associations including the Career Women’s Forum, American Citizens Abroad, the American International Club, the American International Women’s Club and others.

Her message to the next generation: Do not give up. Keep up the effort to make the world a better place.”

Watch the video interview (English) with Anne Hornung-Soukup, Geneva Public Transport (TPG) President of the Board

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