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Ester Casas Interview

Esther A. Casas, General Counsel, Head of Legal and Compliance, IMI Hydronic Engineering   Esther possesses an extensive professional experience. Starting her career as a litigator, she practiced public-administrative law and corporate law, later specializing in business and international law. Throughout her career, she has worked for law firms, the public and the private sector. After […]

Marianne Zutter Interview

Marianne Zutter Secrétaire indépendante – Secrétaire du Career Women’s Forum depuis le 1er septembre 1997 A 40 ans, après plusieurs années d’enseignement primaire et d’éducation spécialisée avec des jeunes adultes handicapés, Marianne a ressenti le besoin de travailler avec des adultes. Elle a été secrétaire chez une avocate puis secrétaire générale d’une as-sociation de jeunesse – […]

Anne Deschamps interview

Anne Deschamps founder and first president of the Career Women’s Forum Anne has followed a career path marked with resourcefulness and resilience, combined with a strong streak of independence. Her prime professional activities haveranged from international trade (import-export) to local real estate. In 1990, she launched Executive Relocation Services, responding to the needs of Geneva’s […]

New President in CWF

Passing the baton. New president and new committee elected at the «Career Women’s Forum» (CWF), Geneva. Hélène Gache president CWF 2013-2015 passing the baton to Valentina Gizzi, newly elected president CWF 2015-2016. The 33rd General Assembly of the Career Women’s Forum took place at the Metropole hotel in Geneva on April 20th. The presidency, until […]

La force de l’entraide et de la solidarité

Madame VERONIQUE MORALI «La force de l’entraide et de la solidarité»                     Fondatrice de Forces Femmes et Terrafemina, «Femme en Or, Femme de Cœur 2009» http://us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=711b198aea165b595f34108ca&id=947698ea80

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