How do we rethink our societies and our economy after the shock and the realization brought by COVID-19 of our global dependency and responsibility?

We have a unique opportunity to rethink how we want to go forward, as human beings, but also as corporations, governments and politicians.
Our developed world needs to show the route for a more inclusive society and a more sustainable economy.

The question is: how do we do it, what are the ingredients needed to stir the boat in the right direction?

  • What lessons did we learn
  • What is the path going forward
  • What and how do we need to change

This reshaping should be done from multiple point of views: societal, economic, corporate, politic, governmental. How do the different social bodies – corporations, governments, associations – imagine the future, what role should they play, how can we act together for a faster more resilient and inclusive outcome?

Our panelists will debate around this question, and show us that there is no unique answer but a collective and multifaceted possibility to put us on the right path.

Conference in English and French, broadcast live and online, open to everyone.


17:30 - 18:00

Streaming open

18:00 - 20:00

Véronique Riondel Angebault
CWF President

Jamila Pradère
CWF Committee Member

Raphael Klemm
”Immoderator”, Freelance journalist,
Singer, Improv.

Tatiana Valovaya
General Director of the United Nations
Office, Geneva


Two hours panel on-line discussion

Date & Time

10th June 2021, at 18:00
(Streaming open at 17:30)


Jamila Pradère
Raphael Klemm


in French and in English



Céline Renaud
Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

Paola Ghillani
Founder of Paola Ghillani & Friends
Consultant in Management, Strategy,
Sustainability & Independent Board Member

Filippo Veglio
Managing Director at World Business
Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Michel Girardin
Economist, Lecturer in Macro-Finance at
University of Geneva, Top 5 best online
teacher worldwide on Coursera

Maxime Morand
Theologian and educational philosopher,
leadership consultant, trainer for executives
and board members

Virginie Staub & Jamila Pradère
The WAVE Project Team


Tatiana Valovaya

Director-General of the United Nations Office at GenevaBusiness leader, passionate promoter of happiness at work as a key to company sustainability

Tatiana Valovaya is the 13th Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), the first woman to occupy this position.
More than 35 years of experience in public service, diplomacy and journalism. Prior to joining UNOG, she served as Member of the Board and Minister in charge of integration and macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Began her career with the Government of the Russian Federation in 1989. Before that she worked as a reporter at “The Economic Gazette” in Moscow.
Graduated from the Department of International Economic Relations of the Moscow Financial Institute, holds a Ph.D and a Doctorate of Economic Sciences. She has written extensively on international monetary relations, European economic integration and economic cooperation.

Céline Renaud

Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

Céline Renaud has given + 3,000 public lectures and performances.
Mostly on public speaking and storytelling. Coach and book author: “50 weeks in the shoes of an entrepreneur” prefaced by Jean-Claude Biver, “51 weeks in the shoes of an entrepreneur” prefaced by Adolf Ogi. Founded JMC Lutherie, a project that combines innovation and art with her passions for music and nature.
Received several nominations: the top 100 personalities’s list in the Swiss romande area (Le Temps / L’Hebdo), the top 100 women who make up the economy (Women in Business) and the top 20 influential women in Switzerland (Bilan).
Rich  background in marketing and finance in the Haute Horlogerie industry. Bachelor from EHL, fluent in five languages.

Paola Ghillani

Founder and President, Paola Ghillani & Friends SA

A pharmacist by profession, Paola began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and multinational companies. In 1999 she became CEO of the Max Havelaar Foundation, a fair trade label organization. During the same period, she became first, a member of the Board of Directors of FLO International (Fair Trade Labeling Organisations) before being elected President from 2001 to 2004.
She sits on various boards of directors (Migros Group, Helvetia Holding SA, Romande Energie Holding SA) and is chairperson of the Zurich Kantonal Bank/Swisscanto expert committee for sustainable investment funds.In 2005, she founded her own company, Paola Ghillani & Friends SA, which is active in strategy and management consulting integrating innovation and sustainable development as key success factor.
Paola Ghillani completed her training at IMD in Lausanne with a degree in International General Management and International Board Management. Among her many recognitions, Paola Ghillani, has been selected in 2000 by the WEF as Global Leader of Tomorrow, and was awarded in 2009, the Grand Binding Prize for the protection of nature and the environment in Vaduz for her life’s work.

Maxime Morand

Founder and Manager of Provoc-Actions

Theologian and philosopher by training, trainer for executives and members of management, head of an assessment centre for future leaders. Successfully passed the Assessment Center of Crédit Suisse.
HRD experience with Crédit Suisse Geneva region and then with Union Bancaire Privée for Switzerland and the external offices.
As HRD, led the Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch merger and worked in this capacity for over 10 years for the Group worldwide. In 2012, launched “Provoc-Actions”, a consultancy business in leadership and human resources focussing on SMEs, Foundations, Administrations, Industries, Boards of Directors, Family businesses and Individuals.
Author, among others, of “Petit Guide du Leadership provocacteur selon Jésus-Christ”. “Des mots et des hommes” and “Prends et provoque ta parole en public”, “Cultures chrétiennes et pratiques ressources humaines”.

Filippo Veglio

Managing Director & Senior Management Team at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

As part of the WBCSD Senior Management Team, Filippo heads up a variety of teams engaging senior representatives of member companies across various industry sectors, business organizations, multilateral institutions, NGOs, media and academia. The focus areas under his responsibility: Vision 2050, People & Society, Sustainable Development Goals, Transforming Mobility, and three Outreach functions (Communications, Events, and Global Network of partner organizations).
Filippo joined WBCSD in 2005. M.A. in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. A Swiss national and fluent in six languages, Filippo was formerly a professional tennis player and has been a member of the Swiss Davis Cup team.

Michel Girardin

Lecturer in Macro-Finance at Geneva Finance Research Institute – University of Geneva

Finance Professor from the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM). TEDx and conference speaker on global economic outlook and financial markets. 20 years’ experience as Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer in the Swiss private banking sector. Board Member of the “International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies” (ICMB) in Geneva. Senior lecturer at the University of Geneva, at Master’s and Bachelor’s level: “Applied Macroeconomics for Portfolio Management” and “Private Banking in Practice”. Taught Macro-Finance at the International Center FAME (Financial Asset Management and Engineering) in Lausanne and at the CFPI (Centre de Formation pour les Professionnels de l’Investissement). PhD from the University of Lausanne and MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics


Jamila Pradère

CWF Committee Member

With a background in Law, Taxation and Finance, Jamila Pradère is currently Deputy Director of a major Swiss bank and, as Head of Wealth Management for the last 20 years, she has been advising a diverse Swiss and international clientele by providing them with tailor-made tax and financial expertise based on the holistic analysis of their assets.

Passionate about sustainability and its impact as well as philanthropy, Jamila is a member of Giving Women – a philanthropic organisation for women – as well as being involved in various professional and cultural associations.

A CWF Committee Member since 2020, and responsible for new Corporate Partners as well as partnerships with other organisations such as the Circle of Women Directors (CDSA), Jamila is also involved in the Women on Board (WOB) and Women’s Added Value in the Economy (WAVE) initiatives by the CWF.

Raphaël Klemm

Artiste, improvisation, journalist

Well recognized in Switzerland for his many talents (musician, writer and composer), Raphaël Klemm surprises by his current lyrics which are very well brought out by the words he masters with a “master’s” hand (normal for a former lawyer who, moreover, received the 1st prize for pleading at the Geneva Bar). Raphaël Klemm is an artist like no other, authentic, accomplished and committed. He uses the “I” as a play on words, because his songs, which seem to speak about him, are in fact only our mirror.
Through him, it is about us. The universe of the man who became known in the land of banks and chocolate under the pseudonym of Nill Klemm, touches us when his rhythms hit the mark. It’s no coincidence that his single “À la fois” was number 1 on the radio and that Swiss television made him a star.


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The CWF’s principal goal is to encourage women’s professional development through sharing and  exchanging ideas, promoting networking, and influencing socio-professional life to achieve recognition of women’s status and contribution to the economy.

To strengthen the Forum’s impact and reach, the CWF has developed partnerships with large multinational organizations.

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CWF Committee

Veronique Riondel Angebault

Jamila Pradère

Alessandra Galli De Min

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