To benefit from a dynamic, prominent and wide network of professional women as well as from the exchange of views and experience with other talented women of various professions.

Being a CWF member means:

•Meeting women of the most varied professional paths.

•Sharing experiences and information by developing a rich professional circle.

•Finding new professional partners and potential clients.

•Benefit from our numerous and innovative projects.

Being a CWF member also means sharing our values and commit oneself to the development and promotion of women.


Come and discover the CWF, its members and its activities during one of our events open to non-members. You may repeat the experience, but we ask for your engagement and that you apply for membership after assisting to three luncheons. However nothing prevents you from applying after the first one!

Each potential new member must submit a file including a membership application form and an electronic profile duly completed, her updated CV and two sponsorships by current CWF members.

Admission Criteria

To apply for membership at the CWF you need to:

  • Occupy a remunerated position of responsibility in any economic sector as either:
  • Management-level employee;
  • Head of a company/business owner; or
  • Independent liberal professional
  • hare and adhere to CWF objectives, mission and spirit.
  • Be sponsored by two current CWF members or under our Corporate Member Program.

Each application is submitted to the CWF Committee for evaluation and approval.*

* Alternatively ten years of proven professional experience on a position of responsibility under the same conditions above are considered for application but admissions under such circumstances may be limited by the Committee.


Admission Procedure

Prepare your Membership File:

  1. Click on “Registration” and complete the form which will become your membership file. Please be sure to complete all mandatory fields (*)
  2. Save the form by using the button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on “Application Form” and complete it as well, be sure to indicate  your two sponsors. They will receive the appropriate forms for completion of their duties.

Your application will be submitted once a complete file is received and will be presented during the next monthly CWF Committee meeting. In case of acceptance the decision will be notified in writing with a request to settle the following fees:

1st Year

One Time Initial fee                                                   CHF 250.–

Annual Fee (One welcome luncheon offered)               CHF 250.–

Total                                                                       CHF 500.–

Second Year and subsequent

Annual Fee                                                                            CHF 250.–

3 Prepaid luncheon Vouchers (Valid during the calendar year)    CHF 165*.–

Total (valid as of 2013)                                                             CHF 415.–

*subject to adjustment due to Hotel Metropole’s price changes .


  • Your admission will be formalized by your receipt of:
  • Your Member I.D. Badge
  • Your Internet Access code to the “Members Only” section of our website, including access to CWF Members Directory.

As a new member, you will be introduced by the President at the next luncheon.

Welcoming New Members

To facilitate integration into the Forum, each new member is encouraged to:

  1. Contact her sponsors one week before her anticipated first luncheon following admission, so as to be introduced to other members more easily.
  2. Contact the President in order to be introduced during the first luncheon.
  3. Wear its I.D. badge (in yellow) which will easily identify her as a first-year new member and to better network with the other members.
  4. Refer to any committee member (with green badges) or her sponsors for any eventual issue or further information.

Your satisfaction as member of the Career Women’s Forum will be directly proportional to your active participation!

The Committee readily welcomes your support, recommendations and participation in our activities.

Please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the CWF!!!

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Sponsorship form

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