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Closing registrations to the CWF 2021 mentoring programs

March 10, 2021
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Target audience Members, Corporate Members



The registration deadline has been extended to March 10th:

greetings to those of you who have already enrolled for the journey. 

There are still a few seats available: come and join our program and meet your sparring partner for personal and professional growth!

Dear CWF Members,

March 1st marks the closing day for registering to the CWF mentoring programs.

We aim to match high-potential women with senior executive mentors. Mentoring is one of the most efficient activities for the individual’s personal and professional growth. A privileged relationship develops between the Mentee and Mentor, usually a person with broad experience in an area the Mentee would like to develop in.  The Mentor brings a new perspective to the Mentee and provides her with a base to her reflections, to reach her specific development goals. The Mentee could aspire to the same kind of professional role as the Mentor. She could want to expand specific skills for her career advancement: self-confidence, financial mastery, leadership, etc. Her goal could also be to expand her network in a specific area the Mentor is well introduced in.

The CWF offers two different mentoring programs.

Members can participate to one program only per year.

You can find the details of each program below.

If you have any questions, or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at administration@cwf.ch.

Yours Sincerely,

The CWF Team


Individual Mentoring Program: 

Available to CWF members
Mentor CWF member
Mentee CWF member
Duration 9 months
Timeline April-December
Deadline for registrations March 1st
Link to submit applications Individual Mentoring Program Form


You can register for mentor or mentee or for both roles. Depending on the registrations, mentor/mentee pairs will be formed. Each mentee will receive the name of 2 to 3 potential mentors and will have to contact these potential mentors to evaluate if they are suited to make a pair.


Cross Company Mentoring Program:

Available to CWF Corporate Sponsors only
Mentor Senior leader from another Corporate Sponsor (man or woman)
Mentee Women from the Corporate Sponsor (CWF member or not)
Duration 9 months (6 meetings at least)
Timeline April-December
Deadline for registrations March 1st
Link to submit applications Cross Company Mentoring Program Form


Each company identifies 2-5 mentors and mentees candidates (balanced). Each candidate fills in a profile form with professional and personal information.

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