Corporate Membership Conditions


  • Each corporate member has 165CHF credits to use to attend events.
  • Once a member terminates her credit, she should pay the member fees to attend additional events
  • Credit year N are valid till 31.3-year N+1
  • Corporate member and non-member can use year N credits to register to any event until 31.3-year N+1 (WAVE, lunches, WOB, etc).


Corporate members credit can be managed as a pool. Corporate member can use the credit of the pool till availability. If during the year a Corporate non -member wants to attend a CWF event, she/he can use the pool credit.  Please contact us for further information.


  • Annual membership is automatically renewed
  • Corporate member can terminate membership providing written notice by 31.12 of the year before the renewal
  • New year credits are available to corporate member from January 1st.
  • Renewal payment is due by 31.03 of the renewing year. Possibility to delay payment upon written request done by 15.03.


These terms and conditions are in force from Dec 19th, 2017

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