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Past Committee Member

Virginie Staub

Le CWF, de belles opportunités de partage et de développement de compétences, pour des femmes engagées !

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Emmanuelle Marcos

“I believe that developing human potential will enable smarter decision making, positively impacting businesses and society”

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Elsa Ferreira

“Exchanging with others means benefiting from their views, ideas, and knowledge. It’s a simple way to make our inner world wider”

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Monica Marinucci

“The benefit of networking is the opportunity to open up your mind to alternatives in every aspect of life. It offers a chance to develop yourself and to help others by sharing.”

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Hertha Baumann

“Le CWF m’a ouvert les yeux: les femmes doivent saisir les opportunités et oser « entrer dans la lumière »! Yes, we can! Yes, I can! “

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Jarina Hasi

“To become an entrepreneur you need to find your passion and your strengths, then to focus your energies onto the right fields.”

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