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Register to the 2018 Cross Company Mentoring Program!

April 2018 01:30 - 03:30
Target audience Corporate Members
Event language French, English



Dear CWF Corporate Sponsors Member,

In line with the CWF vision: “connecting and advancing women in business” we are happy to launch the 2018 edition of the CWF Cross Company Mentoring program.

The previous editions proved to be a success and allowed the creation of several pairs of mentees-mentors.


About the program format:

Backgorund: CWF has been supported by IBM to create a unique Cross Company Mentoring program for female talents from the CWF Corporate Sponsors companies, allowing them to being mentored by a senior leader of the latter CWF members’ companies cluster .

Duration: June to December 2018, monthly meetings between mentor-mentee.

Not eligible: Corporate Members  who currently already participate in CWF’s Individual Mentoring Program.

More info: please refer to the Mentoring page



Registration: This program is handle by the CWF’s focal point in your company: please reach out to her to raise your interest in participating to the program by April 16th latest.

Pairing: Mentees/mentors will be paired during a face to face pairing session, where all the focal points from the participating companies and their HR representatives will work together on finding the best fit for each mentee/mentor. Final pairs will be communicated during 2nd Half of May.


Questions: send an email to  administration@cwf.ch

As a Corporate member of the CWF, take this opportunity to benefit from your membership through a prime Cross Company mentoring experience!


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