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Enhancing women’s leadership, soft skills, lifestyle and personal development.

Evening workshops

Our evening group workshops are usually organized by CWF members, facilitated by subject matter experts selected by the CWF committee member in charge. While we strive to propose professional-related workshops, we also propose periodic lifestyle workshops to support individuals in balancing their often challenging and busy daily lives. Any CWF member can propose and organize workshops.


  • Personal branding
  • Business networking & social media platforms
  • Communication
  • Financial management
  • Intergenerational issues
  • Leadership
  • Lifestyle
  • Understanding one’s personal style

Frequency, when, where, duration

  • 1 workshop every two months, excluding June, July, August and December. Some workshops run up to 3 times a year in case of high interest and participation.
  • Workday, 18.00 – 21.00. Workshops typically last from 1.5 to 3 hours


  • CWF member-organized workshops: at premises of the member’s choice
  • Non-Member organized workshops: hosted at a location chosen by the organizing committee member


  • 10-25 people per workshop
  • Open to members and priority given to them, prior to opening up to non-members
  • Non-members: depending on member participation


We are a bilingual forum and we aim as much as possible to have an equal number of workshops in French and English throughout the year.

See the upcoming workshop events!

Keen to adapt our offering to members’ needs, share your workshop ideas with us !

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