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Corporate members benefit from Cross-Company activities

Corporate Members Events

Large organizations and multinationals often share common challenges and approaches.  Given that each one of them has its own organizational culture and differences, there are many excellent opportunities to learn from each other’s. This is why CWF actively organizes targeted activities specifically for Corporate Members.

The goal is to facilitate the exchange between CWF Corporate Members.
These activities are restricted to corporate members only and offer the opportunity to further develop company network and personal connections.

Quarterly Corporate Events

A quarterly networking event, primarily a breakfast, is hosted by a CWF Corporate Member on a rotational basis. An event is designed to learn more on the hosting company or one specific aspect that the company is active in.

Cross-Company Mentoring

A program designed to offer Corporate Member female talents a mentor (man or woman) in another Corporate Member company.

Ad-Hoc Workshops

Run by an external coach or by a pro-active sub group of Corporate Member representatives, these workshops focus on themes and needs we identify in our networking sessions.


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