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Most efficient activity for personal and professional development.

Matching high-potential women with senior executive mentors

privileged relationship forms between the Mentee and the Mentor, usually a person with broad experience in an area the Mentee would like to develop in. The Mentor brings a new prospective to the Mentee and supports her reflections to reach her specific development goals. Backed by long-term experience, CWF offers its members mentoring programs matching high-potential women with senior executive mentors to help foster development and growth.

Development goals

  • The Mentor’s professional role is the one the Mentee aspires to
  • The Mentee would like to expand specific skills for her career advancement: self confidence, financial mastery, leadership, etc.
  • The Mentees would like to expand her network in a specific area the Mentor is well introduced in

Tailor-made programs

  1.  Individual Mentoring Program

The individual Mentoring Program was started in March 2016 and is reserved to CWF members.  The current program counts 14 pairs of Mentor-Mentee –  a great success so far.

  1.  Cross Company Mentoring Program 

Launched in 2011 under IBM’s patronage,  this program gives the opportunity to CWF Corporate Members female talents to have a mentor in another company and proven to be very successful. Mentors are generally men or women in senior leadership positions.


 Overview of programs Mentor Mentee Duration Timeline
1. Individual Mentoring Programs CWF members CWF members 8 months with a midway informal review March – November (or upon agreement)
2. Cross Company Mentoring Program CWF corporate members CWF corporate members 6 months with a midway informal review March -November (or upon agreement)

Note: Members are allowed to participate at only one program per year.

Interested? Contact us for more details!

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